About Gear (System Information Visualization Tool)
We hope to show the system via Gear clearly and simply.

The operating system is a huge software, to understand the principle of the whole system is a very difficult thing. This also happened to be the operating system teaching and learning. How to describe it simply and clearly, has become a very challenging problem.

The confusion for many years after the emergence dtrace finally let us see a glimmer of hope. Through DTrace's dynamic tracking, using specific scripts, we can go real-time, dynamic tracking system to all parts and various actions, from creations of processes, signal senting to a small system call. And these are precisely gave us to the visual display systems, systems analysis tools.

We use dtrace to get system data we interest and analyzed it by a graphical manner shown, and use animation effects.So the whole system is alive displayed to us, we can go to feel it, observe it, to understand it acts. With these, the operating system teaching will be another way that no boring algorithm, boring graphics, boring all, instead it is a vivid animation, but these are a true reflection of the system, not to demonstrate and to do themselves. These real-time animation and visualization charts can help us more easily to understand the operating system, learning operating system. Of course, these are only the system performance, if you want to truly understand the operating system you must learn those algorithms deeply.

Because of the complexity of the system, to build a display of the entire operating system software is extremely complex and difficult, and is unrealistic. Therefore, we choose the plug-in mechanism to realize the whole system, we achieved a simple application framework that allows us to add new features depended on the form of to plug-in framework. So if we are going to display anthor part of a system only needs simple plug-in to the preparation of the new. The entire framework of the way to the free software release (followed LGPL), anyone that would like to add new functions plugins can freely access the framework of the source code and documentation. We hope more people to share more useful plug-ins, we hope that through our efforts, the operating system teaching becomes more simple, and the operating system more easily used and understandable.

About Plugins
The plug-ins we have finished.

Process Tree1.0
Sched Viewer1.0
Realtime Tracer1.0
System Information1.0

About Our Team
We are young but flame!


College of Computer Science,
Northwestern Polytechnical University.